Every educator has been asked about their educational philosophy (my own response by way of the proverbial gauntlet appears below). But are these words just sounds we form for the purposes of securing a position in a paying bureaucracy? What are we really up to and why are we up to it?
  • A well-educated citizenry. capable of in-depth analysis, critical thinking and life-long learning is critical to the long term success of any republic or democracy.
  • All students are entitled to be motivated and challenged through a free appropriate public education, which must include developmentally appropriate instruction intended to facilitate the students maximum intellectual growth.
  • All students must be treated as educable and to the extent possible should have an individualized learning plan in which the teachers and family of the student can address the specific learning needs, styles and objectives pertinent to that student.
  • A student's failure is a failure not of the student but of the student's family, society, school and teachers. It is therefore at all times incumbent on the student's family and school to identify and ameliorate the causes of any potential or actual school failure.
  • To the extent that there is an adopted curriculum, that curriculum should be the basis for instruction. While a teacher or administrator may disagree with an adopted curriculum, their recourse is within the framework of amending the adopting, not within the confines of the school walls.
  • All instruction must be provided in an environment that is safe and secure with respect to the age, maturity and ability fo the student, recognizing that virtually all public school students are minors, not adults.
  • All staff, especially instructional staff, are in a sense fiduciaries of their students and must act with the utmost propriety, certainly demonstrating those behaviors the staff expect from their students (e.g. critical thinking, integrity, loyalty, etc.) Staff must acknowledge their professional duties under state law and act in accordance with those obligations.

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